RLCatalyst is now Open Source

"Relevance Lab is providing an Open Source Version of their product RLCatalyst 3.0 to drive broader adoption and co-creation of DevOps Assets with a community collaboration. A number of large enterprises and ISVs are facing challenges and need significant investments in creating internal DevOps and Cloud Management frameworks with custom integrations and hybrid context. These are pre-requisites in a journey towards faster software deliveries, better quality across hybrid platforms, proactive production operations management and optimized capacity + cost management in dynamic Cloud environments."

What is RLCatalyst?

RLCatalyst built on the new generation architecture and technologies can be leveraged as the "Foundation Framework" for accelerated DevOps Maturity and using Cloud Computing the "Right-Way". RLCatalyst embeds intelligence of a "Self-Aware Element" as part of adopting Software Defined Automation concepts. As organizations deal with a higher density of connected devices, automated tool-chains and actionable monitoring needs, RLCatalyst can provide the competitive advantage of Automation, Optimization and Intelligent DevOps Solutions.

RLCatalyst Key Features

Infrastructure Automation & Management
RL Catalyst helps enterprises with existing assets across Data Centers and Cloud Platforms quickly transition to a "Managed Model" by importing your existing assets. It enables a “Software Defined Infrastructure” Lifecycle using an Automation Library pre-bundled. This offers flexibility to create re-usable templates to automate dynamic provisioning and management of infrastructure using its pre-built automation libraries in the cloud provider of your choice, driving standardization of technology stacks, 1-Click deploy of complete infrastructure layers and manage lifecycle of subsequent updates, patches, capacity optimization and clean-up.
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Application Deployment
RL Catalyst helps extend internal Agile initiatives end-to-end with DevOps to drive Continuous Delivery and Deployments. It provides a seamless experience of managing your ALM lifecycle with Job Automation and One-click application deployment, on a variety of cloud providers. With support for Docker pre-integration with it popular latest CI/CD tools - Jenkins, JIRA, Chef, Puppet, Github, SonarQube etc. reduce deployment time from weeks to days & hours with better quality and with a focus on performance and health of the application.
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Monitoring & Tracking
RLCatalyst introduces a concept of "Self-Aware Element" to embed intelligence into Infrastructure. The "Managed Model" of Infrastructure directly helps track capacity, usage and cost with direct Cloud Usage Optimization. It gives a near-real time information on the cost and usage of your cloud infrastructure. Also extends ability to manage Uptime and Health of your assets by integrating with standard monitoring tools to provide uptime, health, diagnostics and remediation in production environments. By integrating with Ticketing Systems like ServiceNow it provides ability to auto-detect anomalies, correlate health parameters across infrastructure layers, auto-updates to ticket lifecycle management and ability to intervene for repeat incident situations.
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For More Product Details navigate to RLCatalyst product website. We invite contributions, comments and feedbacks from the open source community. You can access our code at GitHub. Refer to our Docs for user help and installation.