Continuous monitoring focuses on constantly monitoring deployed systems in one/more environments for run time anomalies. The process is managed by using SELF-AWARE nodes & clusters to have real time view into performance, logs & health.
  • System & App Logs

    Monitor logs for identifying run time issues.

  • Health Check

    Monitor node & cluster health for performance & responsiveness.

  • Infra Cost

    Analyse usage & cost for deployed nodes & clusters.

  • Auto Remediation

    Take corrective measures & automate issue resolution without human intervention.

RLCatalyst works with Monitoring tools you have already invested in.


Easily set-up RLCatalyst with your existing monitoring tools for application & infrastructure deployed across providers & data centres .


Keep Business, Dev, QA & Ops teams updated with insights into performance, code quality & health per node & cluster.


Give Business, Dev, QA & Ops teams consistent data points & knowledge base for software quality, defect management & deployments across providers & data centres..


Dashboards with real time KPI tracking for infrastructure asset deployments across projects & environment.


Optimize & standardise infrastructure and configuration for consistent deployments across Build, Dev, QA & Operation pipelines.


Instantly deploy SELF-AWARE nodes & clusters with default monitoring, health, logs and performance.

RLCatalyst works with infrastructure you have already invested in.

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