Manage Infra

Import, Inspect and Control. Import your existing infrastructure and get a handle to them. Enable agents for dynamic configuration and monitoring

Software Defined Infra & Apps

Leverage a gallery of standard stacks – OS, DB, Middleware, Apps, Utilities

Multi-Cloud Support

Get Dynamic provisioning support for major public and private cloud providers- AWS, Azure, OpenStack, VMware...

Re-Usable Templates

Create re-usable, provider-agnostic template designs for your project specific requirements, including Cloud Formation and ARM Templates

Dynamic Provisioning

Utilise a library of 60 + pre-built commonly used components and services to create and manage your heterogenous infra on Baremetal, VM and Container

Configuration Management

Create a CMDB for all the assets and create a model to track Utilization. Support available for Chef, Puppet and ServiceNow


Manage Software Builds

Manage your application builds through RLCatalyst. Trace from Builds->Change Requests->Developers and view the build pipeline and logs

Application Deployments

Manage your application deployments using automated jobs in RLCatalyst. Visualize the deployment pipeline and upgrade/downgrade builds

Application Testing & Verification

Test your applications using Docker containers and Automated frameworks. See the history and analyse the results from within RLCatalyst

Workload Automation

Manage multiple workflow and orchestration jobs based on Jenkins, Chef, Puppet or custom providers. Provision for real-time dashboards for health and diagnostics

Auto Deployment Notifications

Get auto-notifications for application deployments running in Jenkins. It provides the status, instances and other details of the deployment

One-click deployment with Docker

Deploy applications on Docker containers with one-click using pre-defined Docker images. Analyse the health using cAdvisor


Integrated Monitoring

Monitor your application logs, system logs and system health/performance. Create effective alerts and action handlers

Diagnostics & Remediation

Auto-identify KPIs and Remediate common Exception Events

Notifications & Alerts

Get notifications in case of adverse events on health, performance, uptime etc.

Track Cost & Usage

Track Cost and Usage of all your assets and do phantom capacity analysis of un-used and under-used assets

Continuous Delivery Metrics

See all Continuous delivery in a single portal and get project governance, quality and performance Metrics

Capacity Management

Track your "Cloud Capacity", detect and manage your "Un-Managed" instances automatically. Get a complete picture of resource allocation across projects