RLCatalyst Updates - Q4FY18 (Jan to Mar 2018)

Here are the important updates for each of the solution areas for RLCatalyst:

    RLCatalyst Cloud Marketplace:

    1. RLCatalyst Marketplace and RLCatalyst Command Center are integrated to provide the end-to-end experience to users, with automated provisioning in AWS and Azure. End users can place the orders for cloud products marketplace, which will be fulfilled by RLCatalyst BOTs and will be monitored by RLCatalyst Command Center.
    2. New BI dashboards are added in RLCatalyst Marketplace providing insights about KPIs, Performance Metrics, Revenue Trends, Cloud Tenant/Subscription Usage and Costs etc.

    RLCatalyst AI BOTs:

    1. Historical ticket data is analysed by linking problem and incident data from ServiceNow which gives the past occurrence details whenever an outage happens and it is enabled by Smart Search. The basic framework aggregates the data from multiple sources like ServiceNow, HipChat/Slack, Monitoring systems and Command Centre.
    2. AIBOTs framework carries out Intelligent Search, Pattern Patching and Data Aggregation to help solve basic queries about Service Health, Service Outage Pattern and Linking to problem + Incident Data. The basic framework is working on aggregating data from multiple sources like ServiceNow, HipChat/Slack, Monitoring systems and Command Centre. This data feed is being aggregated and search enabled with Lucene with a custom UI being created to help user interactions.

    RLCatalyst Command Center:

    1. RLCatalyst Command Center carries out “Outside-In” monitoring and aggregation for anomaly detection, duplicate removals, event correlation and issue detection with real-time streaming of events. As an extension to aggregated system monitoring, a framework to fetch system alerts from multiple sources is added. This provides the drill down view of System health and availability and checks specific to process/apps running on the systems.
    2. Alerts and events from multiple sources are aggregated and correlated to show the sequence of events occurred at services level. This gives details of historical outages over a period of time and also the diagnostics.
    3. Email notification feature is added so users and IT Ops team are alerted in case outage happens.

    RLCatalyst Solution updates:

    1. Global Telcom Major has done a proof of concept of RLCatalyst Command Center for system and services monitoring.
    2. RLCatalyst is a part of Microsoft Co-Sell Program as a packaged offering.