RLCatalyst Updates - April 2017

Following the major release - Release 4.0 which was announced in March , April month was spent in improving the performance of the product and making the new modules market-ready.

Primary focus on April Monthly release was in following areas

    1. Service SAE Implementation
    2. Architectural & Functional Enhancements for BOTs Framework
    3. Support for Power shell BOTs
    4. Hardening ServiceNow Integration
    5. Performance Benchmarking and Improvements
    6. BOTs for User Access management

Below is the list of features we introduced/worked upon into RLCatalyst in the month of April 2017.

List of Items Expected Business-flows
Engineering/R&D Updates

Service SAE
Service level monitoring is implemented in telemetry. With this services can also be configured as self-aware elements(SAEs). Health and performance checks can be configured at the SAE level, which can be rolled up to the see the status of the service as a whole.

BOTs Features Enhancements
BOTs Framework is enhanced to
  • Show details of ServiceNow Tickets which are resolved by BOTs
  • Support for converting Power shell Scripts to BOTs

BOTs Framework Improvements
Several Architectural Improvements have been implemented in BOTs to ensure performance and scalability.
  • Replaced communication between RLCatalyst and RBE from polling with Batch Polling in frequent interval, to handle sudden burst in BOT Execution
  • Multithreading capability in Listener that handles Remediation BOTs

Performance Benchmarking
BOTs framework went through a performance benchmarking exercise - Areas of improvements are identified and are fixed. The executor can handle upto 500 BOTs at a time now

Product Performance
Overall product performance is improved by upgrading some of the technology stacks and fine-tuning the configurations.
  • NodeJS version is upgraded to 6.10
  • Fine-tuned DB configurations leveraging MongoDB Connection Pool
  • API level improvements for UI performance
Product Management & Solutions Updates

Integrated Dashboard
An integrated Dashboard with Service Health and Ticket Metrics is developed and implemented for SCLT TDMS. The dashboard gives
  • Detailed analysis of ServiceNow tickets - Resolution, SLAs etc
  • Health of all the services - Cloud Services, Monitoring Services etc
Further to the proposal we submitted to build a Cloud Broker Marketplace, a POC has been done by leveraging RLCatalyst's provisioning and automation capabilities. The outcomes are positive and we are likely to start the implementation soon

Ansible Support
Ansible is integrated with RLCatalyst - as a new Configuration Management Tool. This is done as a POC now and will be added as a core feature in May Release

BOTs for User Management
RLCatalyst is being positioned as the Orchestration Tool for User Access Management BOTs for SCLT TDMS. Repetitive tickets on user management - like user onboarding, password reset, off-boarding etc are automated through BOTs
Road-map for May 2017

Product Performance
Continuing Product Architecture Improvements
  • Replace polling with push mechanism for data transactions
  • Security Improvement using API access token

BOTs Features Enhancements
Enhancements to BOTs features
  • HTML/PDF based BOT Outputs
  • RBAC Implementation
  • Meta BOTs to support workflows
  • HPOO Integration with RLCatalyst BOTs

Service SAE
Services SAE will be further enhanced to support correlation of events and services.
Integrated CI/CD pipeline view as an extension to the CI/CD dashboards