RL Catalyst

BOTs Platform


RL Catalyst

Command Center

Your First Line of Defence with Integrated Monitoring and Auto-Remediation


Amplifying the feedback loop

with "CI/CD Cockpit"

Intuitive and configurable dashboards to show the process flow and performance metrics at each step.


RLCatalyst helps to automate and optimise your IT infrastructure, applications, configuration management and service orchestration in the heterogeneous infrastructure environments. It provides a single console for all your DevOps best practices to integrate & leverage your existing technology investment into Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery pipelines.

Core Solutions of RL Catalyst Platform

Command Center

Monitor and Control your IT Operations with auto remediation capabilities.

BOT Platform

Manage the complete lifecycle of software BOTs for automation in service delivery.

Cloud Marketplace

Help you in order IT assets and software in cloud or data center; and carry out contract management, partner & end customer management and product catalogue management.

Get Started On These Platforms

RL Catalyst – helps you cruise on the devops journey
IT Development or IT Ops, RL Catalyst lets you steer your devops easily, quickly and efficiently on the cloud – no fuss, no stress, just cruise control. RL Catalyst is now available on Microsoft Azure and AWS for faster facilitation of your devops journey.

RLCatalyst works with infrastructure you have already invested in.


RLCatalyst is being actively used across various real world customer engagements.

Working with a Publishing Enterprise Development and Operations teams to streamline E-Commerce Apps on Cloud, New Product Development efficiencies using Continuous Deliveries, Environments Automation, Effective Log and Application monitoring and Cloud Management

Publishing Enterprise

E-Commerce company using predominantly Microsoft software stacks and requiring migration from custom scripts to an Automation Platform leveraging Chef Factory model for quick-start. Business benefits of converting current VMWare vSphere based environments more dynamic and re-usable with Infra Automation..


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