Manage “The Day After Cloud Migration”
Without Any Friction

With Cloud Command Centre
powered by RL Catalyst

Enterprises globally are increasingly adopting Microsoft Azure, along with AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as part of their Hybrid Cloud strategy. Further, with the trend of using Cloud beyond non-core applications to also include core applications is fueling increased consumption of Clouds. With Cloud now having become a core strategic component of their underlying business enabling IT Infrastructure, enterprises are focusing more on effective multi-Cloud management to ensure that business can operate without any infrastructure hiccups.

RL Catalyst Command Centre – Integrated Multi-Cloud Care
DevOps and Automation BOTS leveraged Detection & Remediation

Monitoring (Discovery)

  • Monitor Hypervisors / Providers / Containers for New / Existing Nodes.
  • Diagnostics and Actions


  • Trigger an alert when - KPI Thresholds
  • Audit trail of exceptions

Event Correlation and Situational Awareness Builder

  • Multiple event aggregator
  • Service Topology Manager

Self Aware Service Maps

  • Dependent Assets Linking
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Real time Health and Log Views

Search, CMDB Import and Configuration Management

  • Import from Data Centre and Cloud Ensures Data Integrity
  • Single source of Truth – Images, Config, Scripts
  • Provides Audit Trails

ServiceNow Integration

  • P1 issue Tracking
  • SLA Tracking
  • Incident and Problem Tracking
  • Change and Release Management
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Metrics

Business Service Mapping

CMDB mapping

Business Needs and Drivers

Effectively managing the “Day After Migration” by inhouse IT teams
Shift from “Headcount driven” models to “Automation driven” support models
Reactive remedial services to proactive & predictive services
Effective Cloud utilisation & cost optimization
Inhouse IT team to focus on newer priorities than routine Cloud management
Architectural know-how to get the most out of Cloud
Realize better performance, reliability, uptime and cost effectiveness of apps
Managing services like patching, monitoring and proactive notifications
SLA-driven integrated Cloud Care leveraging Automation


Relevance Lab leveraging its ArcNet Command Centre and Automation BOTS platforms powered by RL Catalyst provides an integrated Cloud Command Centre solution and Cloud Care services.

This solution integrates with popular Open Source tools for App/Log/System Monitoring and Visualization. It also integrates with Service Desk apps like ServiceNow and leverages RL Catalyst Automation BOTS engine for remediations.

Monitoring & Alerts
Event Correlation & Remediations through BOTS (for repeat events)
Ticket Management & Event Trails
Self Service capabilities
CMDB import, search and mapping
Dashboards for KPIs

Solution Value Proposition

Improved Service Availability

  • Proactive Detection with integrated Outside-In and Inside-Out Monitoring
  • Event Correlation & Diagnostics
  • Real-time Service Availability dashboards with drill-down to root cause

Reduced Cost of Operations

  • Proactive Remediation with Automation BOTs reduces around 30% of manual efforts
  • Pre-integrated best of breed Open Source monitoring tools, with no-lock in to proprietary technologies & licenses
  • Monitor multi-Cloud consumption with dynamic multi-Cloud utilization dashboards