Transform your digital commerce business

Relevance Lab’s capability on Demandware has been forged based on our work with strategic customers. Relevance Lab has helped develop and manage custom digital commerce and mobile commerce sites. We have leveraged the full set of Demandware components and customized several of them including SiteGenesis2 and LINK cartridges addressing specific business requirements.

Our expertise areas include


Digital commerce

Build on digital commerce features such as merchandising, promotions management and personalization, shared view of customers, products, prices, orders, etc. Customize features and flows to your specific business needs

Order management

Order Management facilitates basic retail functions such as initiation-of- funds capture and return, real-time inventory monitoring across the enterprise, managing access to carts and pricing and promotions on all channels - web, mobile devices and in-store. It also involves managing the KPIs, reporting the daily sales, orders, returns, etc.



Point-of- sale

POS involves executing transactions, managing sales & returns, exchanges. Implement POS options such as traditional and mobile with tendering, inventory lookup and assisted selling. Buy, service and fulfill anywhere along with flexible buying options like in-store pickup, shipment from the store and selling stocks from other stores.

Predictive intelligence

Aggregate, anonymize and build shared views of customer, order, product, inventory and promotion data across all channels and solutions for digital and in-store interactions using Demandware and assist in personalized product recommendations.



Store operations

Streamline store management with access to real-time store performance dashboards and back- office workflow tools, building capabilities to manage in-store retail operations such as inventory control, back-office functions, cash management, transfers and receiving.

Our Demandware Capability:


Architecture Planning & Solution Designing

Architecture Planning and Solution Designing offers ecommerce solutions which makes platform migration easy and also upgrades any existing DW solutions to the new platform.


The Development segment is primarily involved with Store Front development, Cartridge development, Third Party Integrations, Business Manager Extn., OCAPI Implementation & DSS.

Content Development and Management

Content makes up for a major part of any ecommerce store and the management and development of this content is also taken care of by Demandware. This includes, but is not limited to, Developing & Managing Content through and in Business Manager, Handling Shared Content Library, Images is also handle.

Business Manager Handling & Administration

The Business Manager Handling & Administration segment takes care of any and every complex and dynamic promotional and campaign needs and manages Content Assets, Jobs & Job Configurations, Import & Export Feeds, WebDAV, Cache management, URL & Alias handling, A/B testing, Monitoring Logs and Quota settings.

Demandware Solutions

Demandware is a leading provider of software-as- a-service (SaaS) e-commerce solutions that enable companies to easily design, implement and manage their own customized e-commerce sites, including websites, mobile applications and other digital storefronts.

Demandware provides support to retailers and manufacturers, by providing a service that enables them to develop and manage an e-commerce site for their business. Demandware-based solutions offer improved and protected e-commerce experiences, thus enabling businesses to achieve greater agility and consistent customer satisfaction. Demandware allows businesses to innovate and implement their ideas quickly and seamlessly.