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ASB – A New Approach for Intelligent and Touchless Automation

How to interconnect Infrastructure, Applications, Business Processes, Security and Compliance for end-to-end Automation benefits?

Large enterprises have seen a sprawl of assets across Cloud (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS), legacy systems, and global locations. While adoption of Cloud has made it easier to expand footprint, it has also brought in complexities for managing automation across public, private, hosted, in-house applications and infrastructure. Most automation initiatives have departmental impacts and fail to leverage significant benefits due to lack of an Enterprise Architecture Blueprint and mature platform.

RLCatalyst provides an Open Architecture approach to interconnect various systems, applications, and processes similar to the “Enterprise Service Bus” model. This new approach of “software-defined” models, extendable meta-data for configurations and a hybrid architecture taking into considerations modern distributed security needs. This new approach is called Automation Service Bus model that helps to drive “Touchless Automation” with pre-built components and rapid adoption by existing enterprises.

To support a flexible deployment model that integrates with current SAAS based ITSM Platforms allows Automation to be managed securely inside Cloud or On-Premise data centers. The architecture provides for a hybrid approach with multi-tenant components along with secure per instance based BOT servers managing local security credentials. This comprehensive approach helps to scale Automation from silos to enterprise-wide benefits of human effort savings, faster velocity, better compliance and learning models for BOT efficiency improvements.

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