RLCatalyst Updates - June 2017

Some of the areas we focused on June Release were

    1. Service SAE Enhancements
    2. Service SAE CMDB (Active CMDB with Dynamic Cloud Assets)
    3. Meta BOTs to enable Workflows
    4. Support for PAAS assets (O365 Support)

Below is the list of features we introduced/worked upon into RLCatalyst in the month of June 2017.

List of Items Expected Business-flows
Engineering/R&D Updates

Service SAE
Services SAE is enhanced to support dynamic discovery of SAE from Instance DB using Chef Roles. This helps services to discover Cloud assets and also specific roles to build up the end-point services like Web Servers, App Servers, DB Servers, Search Servers etc. Also with the ability to query and detect roles at runtime, dynamic assets created with Scale-up/down scenario’s get detected for better analysis. YAML based Meta-data supports building Service SAE.

Meta BOTs
Meta BOTs are extended to support multi-stage BOTs with linked data pipeline called workflows. This supports workflows with approval/rejection processes and conditional workflows. In most end-customer discussions Automation is targeting complex use cases with multiple stages and multi-user interventions. To cater for complex real-world use cases (like User Creation with O365 Mail creation and other Enterprise Access tools) a Meta-BOT serves the basic component.

Service SAE CMDB
A data lake of all possible IAAS is created as part of the CMDB Implementation. This asset manager currently supports EC2, EIP, S3 and Images with audit complete tracking of these resources via audit trail. This will be extended to PAAS, SAAS and Chef tags in the next release.

PAAS Provisioning
Provisioning Engine of RLCatalyst is being enhanced to support provisioning and lifecycle management of Cloud PAAS resources. The first use case in this regard is O365 Provisioning. The product also supports Cloud brokerage business models for cross cloud provisioning of assets, composite catalogs and aggregation of data across clouds for consolidated billing

Data Lake for ServiceNow
Created a Data Lake with ServiceNow Data and a Dashboard for key Metrics and SLA tracking with Drill-Down ability for detailed analysis is added as part of the Ops dashboard. With the Data Lake easy analysis of Incidents and Service Requests possible with aggregation of data across Daily, Weekly, Monthly analysis and also a close watch of key SLAs. Expected to also show proactive metrics around possible SLA breaches in advance to take corrective actions.
Product Management & Solutions Updates

Solutions Initiatives
As part of the initiatives to extend the Identity management capabilities, deeper investigation into Identity management with providers like Azure B2C, OKTA & Gluu
Road-map for July 2017
Office 365 Provisioning will be automated through RLCatalyst BOTs. Build a framework for PAAS/SAAS orchestration.

Service SAE CMDB
Services SAE CMDB will be further enhanced to support PAAS , SAAS and Chef Roles.
Ops Dashboard will be enhanced with major focus area being “Outside - In” monitoring and aggregation - data from Apica, Sensu, New Relic and App Dynamics to be monitored for anomaly detection, duplicate removals, event correlation and issue detection with real-time streaming under Telemetry.
Security and penetration testing will be another focus area for July. We are engaging another agency specialized in this.