Our Identity

Relevance Lab is a DevOps and Automation specialist company enabling large enterprises to disrupt traditional delivery models of Infrastructure Management, Application Development and Service Delivery Operations with faster velocity, better quality and optimized spend using new technology. The adoption of Cloud is driving fundamental changes across traditional Software Engineering and ITSM delivery models and to address this Relevance Lab has invested in a unique IP based DevOps product “RL Catalyst”. Enterprises can leverage an “Automation- First BOTs platform”, an “ArcNet Command Centre for Proactive Monitoring” and “Analytics based Insights into Development and Operational Metrics”. This combination of an Open-Source led strategy, IP-based product, and specialized services offer a superior value proposition vis-a-vis traditional delivery models. Relevance Lab is a partner of choice for a number of large enterprises and technology companies globally in their adoption of Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Digital Solutions for their business transformation initiatives.


Basil Partners has invested in Relevance Lab. Investors play a key role in the incubation, mentoring, growth and maturity of a company. The choice of investors is also critical to make sure the vision of the company is fully supported by the investors. With our focus on being a Specialist Company focussed on IP creation in emerging technology areas we will be making proactive investments in key verticals and have strong investors who endorse this vision. They are also providing us with early connects, global coverage, financial and legal advice.




Relevance Lab is led by accomplished individuals with a right balance of entrepreneurship and experience in running very successful business units in top multinational companies. The leadership team is focussed on Product Development, Creating Unique Business Models for Partnering with Customers and Building long lasting Employee Relationships.

The core management team has been in Product and Technology Platform Engineering space for 20+ years and pioneered the model for offshore based Product Engineering Labs. They were involved in the setup of 50+ Product R&D centers for multiple companies (Start-up, mid-sized and large ones) across US and Europe and have delivered 200+ Product releases across these centres.


People play the most critical part for the success of a company and especially during the early stages of setup and growth. Our people network is based on strong past relationships and majority of our leadership teams are through personal networks. For the engineering teams we expect more than half of our employees to be coming on-board with referrals. This will help build a strong and focused culture of technical excellence, passion for Products, IP Creation and bonding of Friendship that makes Relevance Lab a "Special Experience" to be associated with.

If you have an urge to do something new and keep your career relevant for future, we may have the right opportunity for you. To know more about us or join us kindly contact us at




Our choice of partners follows our core theme of emerging technologies, regional synergies and shared vision for Cloud DevOps, Vertical Cloud Solutions and Smart Assets Creation in key verticals like Life Sciences, Education and ISVs Services. We have built early connects and working jointly with our partners for regional market growths, co-creation of IP in key verticals and offering Cloud Adoption solutions.

In our ecosystem we are driving multi-sided business models with our customers, business partners and co-investors partnering in Ideas incubation.