Unlock the power of Big Data Analytics with Relevance Lab!

Relevance Lab’s Big Data service offering encompasses Raw-to-Relevant analysis, unique insights and bespoke solutions that significantly improve business outcomes.

Big Data

"In God we trust; all others must bring data." - William Edwards Deming

This world runs on data. Businesses need to make sense of data, analyze it, decode customer behavior and use this information intelligently to drive business improvement. By monitoring data, tracking it and analyzing it, we deconstruct data in a systematic and scientific manner that helps businesses eliminate guesswork and assumptions and brings in more certainty. Our mission is to help organizations improve their performance and ensure the business runs optimally, seamlessly and continuously.

Value of Big Data

High ROI

Big Data solutions help add revenues and fuel growth through increased sales, creating new opportunities, increased ROI as well as product or process improvements which add to the bottom line.


Big Data services and solutions bring in a greater degree of efficiency through various analyses like COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), ROA (Return on Assets) and WC (Working Capital) analysis.


Big Data enabled machine learning, visualization, pattern matching and auto-completion reduces time & cost while improving accuracy and compliance.


Big Data solutions enable businesses to operate with speed by balancing power and scalability, with flexible ease of use.

Our Big Data Offering

Our Big Data offering comprises of our own Big Data platform (SPECTRA) and a set of services. Our Big Data offering is geared to help enterprises unify unstructured and structured data by combining our own solutions such as automated data cleansing with data sciences, machine learning techniques and domain knowledge. Result? Business insights that transform the consumption of knowledge derived from data analysis.
We ensure:

  • Faster business ROI by monetizing data, systems & processes in months and not years
  • Data on-demand anytime, without having to resort to time-consuming, archaic methods of data storage and extraction.
  • Data analytics on tap with actionable intelligence.
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