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Cloud Marketplace and Supply Chain Automation

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Traditional reseller and distributor business models across industries like IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics and others with multi-layer distribution models are under tremendous threat with shrinking margins, shifting end user buying patterns on Cloud, need to scale across geographies and provide a more integrated Hybrid Cloud Care services to stay relevant in the new market paradigm. There is also pressure from their OEMs to offer more value added services than just focus on re-selling products online.

Business Needs and Drivers

Hi-Tech (IT, Telecom) B2B distribution massively disrupted by Cloud
Cloud enabling players to offer B2C experience in B2B scenarios
Shrinking margins in traditional business models
New entrants coming with online models (Digital Business) disrupting established physical players
Shift in End User Purchasing Behavior from Asset Purchase to “On-Demand Use” (Capex to Opex driving more digital offerings from OEMs)
Push from OEMs to re-model distribution business – from “offline and volume” to “online and value”
Need for Distributors/Re-Sellers to be able to offer wider set across larger geographies/countries
Higher margin with “Managed Services” driving need to create bundled offerings with focus on managing a lifecycle of customer relationship that just a micro-transaction
Real time visibility on Analytics across the Supply Chain for better efficiencies
Need to drive “Self-Service” Portals for end users for better user experience and information on-demand
Need for managing renewals efficiently and timely

The Solution – RL Catalyst Cloud Marketplace

This solution offering from Relevance Lab enables traditional distributors to deliver superior direct online experience, thereby enhancing customer/reseller engagement, improving customer/reseller acquisition & retention and thus increasing market share, through relevant domain understanding, new technology expertise and pre-built solution assets.

RL Catalyst Cloud Marketplace

Partner Catalog Management
Simple, Virtual and Bundled Product Categories
Multistore Cofigurable Setup for Multiple Countries
Multi Vendor Support
Promotions, Discount and Deals
Automated Sychronization of Catalog from Providers
Partner and End Customer Management
Streamlined Approval Process to Onboard Partners/Customers
Credit Allocation and Management
Cost & Usage Analytics and Dashboards
Cloud/Service Account Linking
Multi Roles and Users Support
Microsites for Countires & Vendors
Smart Search and Advanced filter Engine
VAT/Tax Compliant Transactions
Cart Management
Related/Add-On Products
Order & Contract Management
Notifications & Approvals for Order Processing
Automated Provisioning of Cloud Resources
Credit Adjustments
Automated Renewals
Subscription Based vs Pay-per use
DashBoards & Reports
Automated Reconciled Billing
Realtime Cost & Usage Dashboards
Billing & Payment History
Notifications at Specified Thresholds
Dashboards with Key Metrics on Cost, Usage, Optimization

Solution Components

RL Catalyst Cloud Marketplace

  • A Portal-cum-Marketplace solution for Digital Commerce
  • With pre-built “Distribution & CSP” industry specific components
  • Covering both business process and technology aspects
  • Leveraging RL Catalyst from Relevance Lab
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Cloud Management
  • Automation with BOTs
Integrations for
  • eCommerce (Magento, Demandware, etc.)
  • Portal (Custom web app, Drupal, etc.)
  • Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.)
  • Billing/Financial Apps (SAP, etc.), Document Management, etc

Solution Value Proposition

Increased Revenues
  • Get enhanced access to the re-seller eco system
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell multiple products/brands
  • Differentiate with competition
    • Offer a single-window, end-to-end, transaction, reporting and analytical platform
    • Offer a B2C like web experience to the B2B customers (re-sellers and enterprise customers)
Reduced Cost of Operations & Increased Efficiencies
  • Automate manual processes involving phone/email/physical documents
  • Integrate multiple processes covering the spectrum of players – Distributor, Partner (Re-seller), End-Customer, Vendor (Product OEM)
Faster Time to Market
  • Jumpstart your Digital Journey by leveraging this platform-led approach with pre-built industry-specific business process and tech components

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