Big Data

"In God we trust; all others must bring data." - William Edwards Deming

This world runs on data. Businesses need to make sense of data, analyze it, decode customer behavior and use this information intelligently to drive business improvement. By monitoring data, tracking it and analyzing it, we deconstruct data in a systematic and scientific manner that helps businesses eliminate guesswork and assumptions and brings in more certainty. Our mission is to help organizations improve their performance and ensure the business runs optimally, seamlessly and continuously.


Our Big Data services leverage our own Big Data platform (SPECTRA), which is built using Open Source technologies, so that there is no proprietary technology lock-in. This helps enter both structured and unstructured data, and wherever necessary clean and integrate this data into one unique platform. With everything integrated on a single platform, SPECTRA integrates data elements and calls out data intelligently to unlock its potential to deliver solutions for your business enhancement. SPECTRA also provides data science and machine-learning-based analytics which can change the way you run your business.

Data Services

Our Data services leveraging SPECTRA, provide a full suite of data ingestion and harmonization including:

  • Data Extraction
    Both structured and unstructured data.
  • Eliminating Data Duplication
    Uses algorithms to identify duplicate data and is extremely sensitive to spelling errors, changed formats, missing values, etc.  
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
    It is also structured to spot any anomalies in multiple lists of the same data with contradicting attribute values and correct the same.
  • Validating/ Checking Data Accuracy
    All existing and new data is validated against set governance standards and central business rules, to ensure they follow pre-set parameters.
  • Rectifying Invalid Data
    Wherever possible, invalid or missing data is rectified and restored. E.g., missing zip codes, phone number digits, etc.
  • Remediation of Data Inconsistencies
    Data elements which fail to synchronize across multiple complex databases & applications are formatted and converted correctly.
  • Making Data "Business Relevant"
    It identifies the ‘dead’ or obsolete data and removes them while making relevant information available such as, the velocity/frequency at which a business application consumes data.
  • Profiling/ Search/Indexing Data
    Data can only be used if it can be found and used. It ensures you have search options (similar to Google) on data elements and can find any information with a click.

Analytics Services

We offer analytical services which can be used across multiple industry sectors. These analytical services include:

Aligning Goals with Analytics

We understand your business, its objective and goals in order map out the best possible analytics plan, which can provide visible benefits to your business.

Full Array of Big Data Sources

We support a gamut of Big Data sources and take advantage of each, to offer a full array of analytical solutions.

Tool Selection

Given that there are innumerable tools for Big Data analytics, our job is to find the right tool for your requirement based on your data, budget and need.

Data Mining

Once the tool is selected, the data mining begins, based on data configurations and goals.

Tracking and Verification

Once we establish the data configuration and pattern, and have garnered enough data from multiple yet similar data inflows, we verify the data and retain only such data which is useful and valuable.

Big Data Analysis Techniques

When Big Data has to sift through very large data sets (by large, we mean terabyte large!), it requires certain specialized techniques to process it. Based on the business requirement of its client, Big Data can use any of these seven techniques to manage the data.

Association Rule Learning
This method is used to discover relations between variables in large databases.
Classification Tree Analysis
It is a method to predict the category into which a particular data falls, based on previous sets of correct observations.
Genetic Algorithms
This method is used to generate solutions for optimization problems and it is based on the process of EVOLUTION in nature.
Machine  Learning
This method uses computer software to study patterns in data and make predictions based on an existing set of observation, also known as the training set.
Regression Analysis
This method studies the relationship between variables and analyzes the association between a dependent variable with one or more independent variable.
Sentiment Analysis
This method recognizes and classifies real-time sentiments of consumers and their reactions to a data.
Social Network Analysis
This method studies the liaison between people through a network of ties and activities that connect them.

Why Us

  • We’re fast – driven by automation
  • We’re flexible – Lean and Agile
  • We listen – more than just hear
  • We understand ROI – relevant opportunities and insights
  • We’re transnational - geography, domain, organization no bar
  • Key attributes of our services are:

    Cost Effective execution model

    Fast delivery – lean process/ Agile delivery model

    One stop shop for complete suite of Big Data Analytics services

    Easy integration with existing systems, process and technology frameworks

    Increase business RoI

    Completely secure

    24/7 assistance