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Staying ahead in the Distribution and CSP world with Digital Commerce

The Hi-Tech (IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, etc.) distribution industry and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are seeing transformational changes in their business models globally. Relevance Lab’s RL Catalyst Cloud Marketplace provides them and also large enterprises with an industry-specific Portal-cum-Marketplace solution for accelerating their Digital Commerce journey. It helps them in improving reach & scale, cost efficiency, collaboration and cross selling opportunities, etc.
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Create bespoke digital experiences for your customers

Relevance Lab brings to bear strong capability on web content management with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as the platform of choice for building websites, mobile apps and forms that makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets. Relevance Lab has successfully harnessed the power of AEM and Commerce Center to build web based marketing and merchandising that enables business users to control all digital commerce experiences and processes across multiple channels.

Transform your digital commerce business

Relevance Lab’s capability on Demandware has been forged based on our work with strategic customers. Relevance Lab has helped develop and manage custom digital commerce and mobile commerce sites. We have leveraged the full set of Demandware components and customized several of them including SiteGenesis2 and LINK cartridges addressing specific business requirements.

Case Study: Enabling Digital Transformation

Steering the digital journey of a global Multi-Billion Dollar Publishing and Education giant leveraging the capabilities of Demandware and Adobe Experience Manager platforms.

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