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Adopting the cloud right way by leveraging DevOps
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DevOps helps you build quality code and deliver products faster, thereby improving the customer experience. 
Relevance Lab leverages the core principles of DevOps such as collaboration, automation, monitoring, and feedback to remove inefficiencies across the software delivery lifecycle so that enterprises can improve product quality and customer experience. We also help enterprises adopting the cloud right way using DevOps principles.
Our areas of expertise include

DevOps Consulting and Training

Our highly skilled team of DevOps consultants carries out Cloud Automation and Architecture Assessments. We also help enterprises to adopt DevOps tools such as Chef, Terraform, and Docker.

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure automation is the process of scripting environments — from installing an operating system, to installing and configuring servers on instances, to configuring how the instances and software communicate with one another, and much more.

DevOps Factory Solution

Our DevOps factory solution automates the software delivery lifecycle processes to improve collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting. We build infrastructure that are fully compliant and secure from external threats or data breaches.

Automated Security and Compliance Solution

Our fully automated suite consists of integrating security and compliance audit test as per industry standards such as PCI, HIPPA & FEDRAMP; generation of security and compliance reports consisting of vulnerabilities, and the execution of remediation workflow to mitigate security and compliance risks using various tools and technologies.

Containers and Microservices

Containers help in creating self-sustaining units by packaging the software in a way that abstracts it from runtime environment variations. Microservices splits applications into smaller, self-sufficient, loosely coupled services that can be developed, tested, and scaled independently.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines

Our solution helps enterprises automate the software delivery process to automate build, test, and deploy as the code changes. This helps in achieving improved software release frequency and quality.

DevOps Toolkits Leveraged
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Why Relevance Lab
  • Partnerships and expertise in premium DevOps tools

  • Global exposure of DevOps implementations

  • 200+ DevOps implementations

  • Award-winning DevOps solution provider

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