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What is AIOps?
AIOps stands for Artificial intelligence for IT Operations. AIOps is the smart way of using a combination of Big Data and Machine Learning for all areas of IT Operations-Monitoring, Service Desk, and Automation. AIOps Platforms aggregate data from multiple sources of IT Ops, apply Machine Learning algorithms and extract meaningful insights on the health and performance of all systems enabling enterprises to proactively detect failures and avoid downtime in business. Adopting AIOps will save time, effort and cost in IT Operations and Service Delivery.
According to Gartner's definition, a good AIOps Platform should have the ability to :-

Access the real-time data in a readable format without requiring access to a database.

Capture different types of data from multiple sources and to parse and process the data using big data technologies.

Discover patterns and predict incidents based on the trends.

Correlate data and isolate root causes.

RLCatalyst AIOps platform
RLCatalyst AIOps platform is a comprehensive solution for AIOps covering all aspects of Monitoring, Service Desk and Automation. The Intelligent Data Lake is the core of the platform with real-time data from Ops and Monitoring Tools which provides the base for dashboards, reports and pattern analysis.
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The Platform brings in the silo-ed segments of IT Operations together
Observe(Monitoring), Engage(Service Desk), Act(Automation) into one and provides Continuous Insights into all 
areas of IT Operations. This is how RL AI Platform caters to the three steps of AIOps
Observe (Monitoring)

RLCatalyst Command Center uses a combination of mechanisms to gather data on multiple environments from multiple monitoring tools and observe the data to understand the behavioral patterns. This data will be stored in the Data Lake for historical data analysis, Predictive detection and Remediation. The CI/CD Cockpit provides insights into the application development process and CI/CD.

Engage (Service Desk)

RL ServiceOne provides Managed Services to all the IT requirements of an enterprise – ITSM, ITOM, Security, Governance and Compliance & DevOps. The AIOps platform provides continuous insights to drive Self-Service and Automation for mundane Service delivery jobs. RL ServiceOne works seamlessly with major IT management tools like ServiceNow and Freshdesk to provide End-to-End IT services.

Act (Automation)

RLCatalyst BOTs automate the mundane IT jobs and reduce the need for human intervention, time and effort in areas like IDAM, Security, System Operations, Application Orchestration, Infrastructure Provisioning etc. The pre-built BOTs Library enables enterprises to kick-start their Automation Journey faster and yields results in terms of Reduced Cost and Improved SLAs immediately.

  • One-Way Pane of Glass to monitor all System Parameters
  • Intelligent Remediation ensuring Business Availability 
  • Optimisation through Automation
  • Proactive Monitoring leveraging Tools 
  • Pre-built BOTs library to drive automation of Mundane IT tasks
  • End to End lifecycle of Automation
Why RL’s AIOps?
RLCatalyst AIOps Platform complements the existing ServiceNow or Freshdesk Implementation and helps to extract additional value through
AIOps and Automation. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing ServiceNow/Freshdesk instance.
RL’s built-in library of BOTs helps to get started quickly with the Automation Initiatives. With the framework’s Multi-Technology support and SDLC based structure the BOTs can be upgraded, modified and maintained.

  • Plug the pre-built BOTs into the ServiceNow/Freshdesk process flows to resolve the tickets automatically

  • Convert tickets to self-service tasks and automate – using RL’s ASA Framework

  • Coverage for a wide variety of tasks – User Management, Identity and Access, Deployments

The Command Center is the single pane of glass to Monitor all Assets. It aggregates and filters false alerts to log Incidents for only the real issues.

  • Get Incidents auto-logged in ServiceNow or Freshdesk when an Outage or an issue occurs

  • Auto remediate repetitive Incidents using AI learning techniques and Automation BOTs to ensure Business Availability

  • Correlate Outages and Incidents at asset level to isolate the root causes and prevention

Key Goals Achievable by Adopting AIOps
Service Availability

With the AI learning models and analytics, get the issues proactively resolved to ensure service availability with no down-time.

Diagnostics, Recovery & Prevention

Accelerated Diagnosis and Resolution of Outages using AI Techniques. AI models automatically recover and prevent problems without disrupting end users.

Continuous Security Monitoring

The real-time data logged gives continuous insights into security vulnerabilities and helps to safe-guard the assets with no loss to proprietary data.


Real-time CMDB and monitoring of the hardware and software assets reduce risks and help to stay Compliant. Controlled the use of software licenses and reduced software maintenance costs via SAAS adoption.

Cost Management

Ensure Huge Cost savings in all areas of Operations. This includes 70% reduction in Infrastructure through Cloud Adoption, 35% reduction in Team Strength and 50% reduction in HelpDesk Tickets costs by Automation and Self-service.

Better User Experiences

With pro-active diagnosis and prevention, the end users are least disrupted and that improves the overall experience of the users with system.

Customer References
Automation Driven Transformation for Large Publishing Company

Using our AIOps Platform a company has transformed its IT Operations and reduced its cost of Operations by 30%. The Automation BOTs are deployed to resolve the Access and Compliance tickets and the assets management task by integrating with ServiceNow. A large chunk of fragmented Incidents is converted to Self-Service requests to achieve automated ticket resolution. This not only brought inefficiency in terms of productivity and headcount, but also improved the turnaround time leading to end-user satisfaction.

Cloud Transformation for Large Financial Asset Management Company

A large financial asset company deployed the AIOps platform to automate their Hybrid Cloud Services - with the private and public cloud. A DevOps driven approach is used to setup the base platform to automate their Infrastructure provisioning, Application Lifecycle Management and CMDB tracking. The Governance dashboards provided the realtime cost and usage details which could lead to further optimization of the cloud resources.

Automated Assets Management and Tracking for a Leading Pharma Company

The Hardware and Software assets Management Automated Workflows created a consolidated CMDB for an otherwise fragmented asset data. This has brought in Compliance and Governance on the Software Licenses and control the cost of Licenses. The CMDB brought in trace-ability to track all outages against each of the assets thereby giving early warning on potential Outages and could prevent those.

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