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Video Gallery
RLCatalyst Research Gateway
Enanbling Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Leveraging Nextflow & AWS
Learn how Research Gateway provisions Nextflow piepline in a few simple steps to accelerate NGS.
Provisioning RStudio Server Instance
The video below demonstrates how you can provision RStudio in RLCatalyst Research Gateway.
Provisioning AWS Sagemaker Instance 
This video explores how you can provision AWS Sagemaker Instance in RLCatalyst Research Gateway.
Provisioning EC2 Linux Instance
This video captures provisioning of EC2-Linux Instance using RLCatalyst Research Gateway.
Provisioning S3 Bucket
In this video, you will see how to provision S3 Bucket in RLCatalyst Research Gateway.
AWS Marketplace | A Detailed Download Guide
A step-by-step video guide to download RLCatalyst Research Gateway from AWS Marketplace.
RLCatalyst Research Gateway Demo
A demo video that provides an in-depth tour and overview of RLCatalyst Research Gateway.
RLCatalyst AppInsights
RLCatalyst SmartView
An insight into RLCatalyst AppInsights (previously known as SmartView) architecture & benefits.
RLCatalyst SmartView - Build on AWS AppRegistry & ServiceNow
An in-depth tour and overview video of RLCatalyst AppInsights (previously known as SmartView). 
Walkthrough Videos
AWS X-Ray | Pet Adoption Application Use Case
AWS X Ray pet adoption application use case video for faster insights & better performance.
AWS Control Tower | How to Build & Adopt AWS Best Practices
Deep dive into how Relevance Lab helps you leverage AWS Control Tower in the right way.
DevOps Automation Using ServiceNow & RLCatalyst Integration
A use case of user making request to a DevOps automation application using ServiceNow portal.
User Onboarding with AWS Service Catalog
Video guide of effortless user onboarding with AWS service catalog & RLCatalyst BOTs platform.
Enhancing IT Operation through Monitoring, Diagnostics & Automation
Learn how RLCatalyst Command Center helps enterprises overcome IT operation challenges.
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