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The recent COVID-19 virus outbreak has driven many unanticipated changes in the way we do business. In particular, many people who usually go into the office are now required to work from home, which can mean different access methods (e.g. VPN Access) and permissions. These changing conditions have the potential to overwhelm service desks.

We have seen this with our clients in terms of a dramatic increase in service requests. We are pleased with the role our automation has played during these trying times. Our intelligent BOTs have enabled Relevance Lab to respond to upticks in service requests instantly.

Figure 1: Intelligent Automation Eliminated Service Desk Impact

With one of our significant clients with a large NYC footprint, daily inbound tickets increased 92% (Fig.1) during the March Peak Day (vs Feb avg) as the effects of the Corona virus forced people to work-from-home. Fortunately, nearly all those tickets are being managed using RL’s Intelligent BOTs, and we were able to handle the increased volume with no delay. Our Intelligent BOTs handled two and a half times (Figure 2)) their normal daily workload so that our service desk team could maintain focus on other critical business needs.

Figure 2: Dramatic Ticket Spike as People Prepared to Work-from-Home

Over the last year, we have increased the coverage and complexity of our Intelligent Automation to achieve 70-80% inbound ticket automation with an equivalent reduction in human efforts. Having a robust platform with standardized processes, BOTS driven automation and reliable Automation Analytics have helped better prepare for the unknowns.

As we all continue to weather this crisis together, please stay safe. We wish everyone the best.

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2020 Blog, Blog, Featured

As per multiple market research sources, AIOps market will grow at a CAGR of 33% till 2024. Though the markets attribute the growth factor to the hybrid readiness of the AIOps technologies clubbed with RPA, we at Relevance lab believe that RPA alone may not solve the problem in its totality.  Hence our AIOps platform is driven by Intelligent Automation.

AIOps is gaining traction because of its ability to provide real-time data by eliminating silos, better tracking and management and automate problem-solving. As per one of the private research firms, about 87% of the organizations are creating value by using AIOps platforms.

What business challenges do you solve using an efficient AIOps Platform?

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Customer Churn

With increasing complexity and dynamism of IT environments, including infrastructure and applications, the ability to provide a holistic platform is critical today. So how do you go about evaluating the right platform?

Problem Identification:

Ability to identify the problem on a timely basis by analyzing the infrastructure and application behavior coupled with Digitization and cloud migration. This rising trend is to drive the revenue growth of the market over the next five years.


Does the platform seamlessly integrate with ITSM, ITOM, Cloud and Automation platforms? One of the most significant challenges seen in enterprises today is the silos. This is where systems, skills, data and infrastructure are ‘owned’ by a specific team or department which works in isolation from other parts of the organization. Any solution being considered must be technology, location, vendor, data and domain agnostic.

Data Normalization:

Ability to collect unstructured and fragmented data to provide actionable insights. Ideally, before you make any decisions on IT solutions, you have analyzed and understood what data you have, where it is stored, who ‘owns’ it and what value it has to the business.

Relevance Lab’s Agile Analytics helps global organizations with solutions that run across the entire organization with speed, responsiveness and flexibility.

Leverage AI-based Technology for RCA:

The introduction of cheap compute resources, the ubiquity of data and the adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) all mean that software-based RCA techniques can and should be implemented as a priority. AI, and especially Machine Learning, can process vast amounts of data to detect anomalies in real-time and to predict potential issues and uncover trends.

Real-time & Pro-active:

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies has seen the ability to analyze huge amounts of data to detect anomalies in real-time and to perform predictive analysis to prevent service outages. Combined with the ability to automate actions, these technologies allow the organization to move from reactive to proactive.

Flexibility, Openness and Future-ready:

Often IT Solutions that you are discussing are complicated and expensive. Therefore, evaluating a solution which is not; way below the benchmark nor way too above the benchmark or beyond reach is critical. Hence Carefully reviewing the design and architecture of your IT solution to ensure that it is ‘future-proof’ is recommended.

  • Is the product built on proprietary technology that may be difficult to maintain and support in the future?
  • If the solution uses 3rd party products or services, can these be easily swapped out for others?
  • Is the solution ‘open’ with well-defined APIs and integrations?
  • Will the solution be able to perform and scale to your growth plans?

Implementing ITOM, ITSM and AIOps are now the need of the hour wanting to improve service, customer satisfaction levels and the overall operational efficiency by removing silos and leveraging Intelligent Automation.

There is a plethora of choice out there in the market. However, choosing your technology wisely is recommended.

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Stories are quite very compelling and a way of life. All of us need a story to believe in and with no exception to the CXO’s of the tech and enterprise giants. They need a reason to believe that Digital Transformation can be frictionless with the choice of right platforms and partners.

With growing interest & investments in new concepts like Automation and Artificial Intelligence, the common dilemma for enterprises is how to scale these for significant impacts to their relevant context. It is easy to do a small proof of concept but much harder to make broader impacts across the landscape of Hybrid Infrastructure, Applications and Service Delivery models. Even more complex is Organizational Change Management for underlying processes, culture and “Way of Working”. There is no “Silver bullet” or “cookie-cutter” approach that can give radical changes but it requires an investment in a roadmap of changes across People, Process and Technology.

Relevance Lab has been working closely with leading enterprises from different verticals of Digital Learning, Health Sciences & Financial Asset Management on creating a common “Open Platform” that helps bring Automation-First approach and a maturity model to incrementally make Automation more “Intelligent”.

Relevance Lab offers RLCatalyst – An AIOps platform driven by Intelligent Automation paves way for a faster and seamless Digital Transformation Journey. RLCatalyst Product is focused on driving “Intelligent” AUTOMATION.

AUTOMATION is the core functionality including:
  • DevOps Automation targeting Developer & Operations use cases
  • TechOps Automation targeting IT Support & Operations use cases
  • ServiceOps Automation targeting ServiceDesk & Operations use cases
  • SecOps Automation targeting Security, Compliance & Operations use cases
  • BusinessOps Automation targeting RPA, Applications/Data & Operations use cases)

Driving Automation to be more effective and efficient with “Intelligence” is the key goal and driven by a maturity model.
“Intelligence” based Maturity model for Automation
Level-1: Automation of tasks normally assisting users
Level-2: Integrated Automation focused on Process & Workflows replacing humans
Level-3: Automation leveraging existing Data & Context to drive decisions in more complex processes leveraging Analytics
Level-4: Autonomous & Cognitive techniques using Artificial Intelligence for Automation

RLCatalyst Building Blocks for AIOps

AIOps Platforms need to have common building blocks for “OBSERVE – ENGAGE – ACT” functionality. As enterprises expand their Automation coverage across DevOps, TechOps, ServiceOps, SecurityOps, BusinessOps there is need for all three stages to Observe (with Sensors), Engage (Workflows), Act (Automation & Remediation).

RLCatalyst provides solutions for enterprises to create their version of an Open Architecture based AIOps Platform that can integrate with their existing landscape and provide a roadmap for maturity.

  • RLCatalyst Command Centre “Integrates” with different monitoring solutions to create an Observe capability
  • RLCatalyst ServiceOne “Integrates” with ITSM solutions (ServiceNow and Freshdesk) for the Engage functionality
  • RLCatalyst BOTS Engine “Provides” a mature solution to “Design, Run, Orchestrate & Insights” for Act functionality

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