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Intelligent Automation with pre-built library of reusable BOTs
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Intelligent Automation is disrupting and re-defining how business run and how services are delivered today and in the future. The RLCatalyst BOTs platform from Relevance Lab enables automation in traditional IT Service Operations encompassing Infrastructure, Applications and Service Delivery tasks. It helps enterprises standardize their automation efforts, achieve better quality and velocity with clear ROI tracking on human efforts saved. This platform helps organizations rapidly reduce 30% of common repetitive efforts related to User Management, Access Control, Application Deployments, Production Support tasks etc.
How It Works
The platform includes components like BOT Factory, BOT Library and BOT Orchestrator for complete life
cycle management of software BOTs for automation in service deliveries.
BOT Orchestrator

Gallery, Control Panel, Audit Trail, Value Tracker and Scheduler.

BOT Factory

Continuous Delivery Pipeline comprising BOT Builders which can be UI-based, Agent-based, Script-based, Workflow-based.

BOT Library

Comprising 200+ pre-built BOT components across BOT Types like CHECK, RUN, PREDICT, COMPOSITE.

RLCatalyst Automation Library
Access & Compliance
Application Deployments
Cloud Management
Installation & Configuration
Infrastructure Provisioning
Patch Management
Life Cycle Management
CMDB Management
Asset Management
Topology Health Checks
Auto Remediation
Notifications Management
RLCatalyst BOTs List
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Key Functionalities 
  • Enterprise wise end-to-end automation platform

  • Support for multiple BOT technologies- Script based, Agent based, UI and RPA based

  • Multi-language support (Shell script, Powershell, Python, Java, Chef cookbooks)

  • API Support – Execute via HTTP call

  • Change control of BOTs for driving reuse across enterprise

  • Library of pre-built BOTs, with flexible model to update and reuse

  • Framework for creating new BOTs with full lifecycle for design, development, testing and deployment

Pre-Integrated BOTs for Third-Party Tools
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Benefits of RLCatalyst BOTs platform
  • 30% Reduction in Manual Efforts or Repetitive Tasks, with real-time view of time saved

  • Manage complete lifecycle of your BOTs with the SDLC framework in the platform

  • With no lock-in to proprietary technologies – platform is built using Open Source

  • Use 200+ in-built BOTs from the Library

  • Create Your Own New BOTs or Migrate Your Existing BOTs/custom automation scripts

  • Standardize fragmented and siloed BOTs initiatives

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RL Automation BOTs Brochure
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